Josh A. Levy – Investment Manager
Josh Levy is the investment manager & executive director of Tactical Asset Management. With 20 years of FX-specific experience, Josh Levy has served as an inter-bank FX trader at Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) in New York & Tokyo,  Co-Founder of the seminal FX ECN MatchbookFX (A division of GlobalNet Financial (NASDAQ: GLBN) and as Managing Director of the FX Trading division of SunGard's STN Transaction Network (NYSE: SDS).


Prior to founding Tactical, Mr. Levy was the President of CMC Markets USA. (LON: CMCX)    (CMC or Currency Mgt Corp is the world’s largest Internet Dealer in Spot & Forward FX, OTC FX Options, FX Swaps, CFDs & other related derivatives with offices across the globe including London, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Toronto, Hong-Kong and Tokyo) (LON: CMCX)

As a Forex veteran, pioneer in the field of FX e-Trading and well-regarded expert in the Financial markets, Mr. Levy has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets including the Washington Post, CNBC,, MSNBC, the International Herald Tribune, and The Wall St Journal for his perspective on the FX markets and e-FX trading. (see Press Clips)

A graduate of the Western School of Economics at the University of Western Ontario, Mr. Levy has successfully completed the CFTC administered “Series 3” National Commodity Futures exam, the Canadian Futures Exchange Derivatives Trader’s Training Program, the IDA (Investment Dealer’s Association) administered Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Derivatives Fundamentals Course (DFC) & Futures Licensing Course, and has been a member of the STA – Society of Technical Analysts - since 1995.

Joshua A. Levy, the majority principal and managing member of Tactical Asset Management, is registered with the CFTC. Details are available via the National Futures Association "NFA" website.  (ID# 0298432)


Contact Mr. Levy at  jlevy [at]

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