Combining Talent and Capital:
Matching the Brightest and Best Trader/Developers with Investment Capital
Tactical Asset Management is always on the lookout for new, ‘undiscovered’ FX trading-model developers and programmers. In our constant efforts to innovate and attract the best currency-trading strategy developers in the world, Tactical Asset Management is proud to offer our FX Fund Manager Incubation Program. Through this program, promising developers who believe they've identified an innovative, consistently-profitable strategy whether trend-following, counter-trend, short-term or medium term can have their programs rigorously tested, analyzed and reviewed by our experienced trade-model analysts. Developers whose strategies satisfactorily pass through our evaluation process are offered allocations from the Tactical investment programs and an opportunity to join in our ambitious goal of becoming one of the world's foremost algorithmically-driven capital managers.
5 Step Program
  1. The first step in the program involves a thorough background and due-diligence check
  2. In the next step, if reached, a prospective manager will trade his/her own capital over an extended period of time while Tactical Asset Management watches and reviews performance to assess relative strengths, weaknesses and applicable inconsistencies. Suitability of a strategy to larger-scale volume trading is also assessed.
  3. Managers that pass these initial screens are then subjected to meticulous VaR (Value at Risk) assessment and trading-scenario stress-testing.
  4. If successful, Tactical Asset Management then assesses relative correlations of returns to determine optimal fit.
  5. Finally, if a manager's returns within strict risk-constraints are found to be accretive, without unduly adding to portfolio volatility, then he/she may be considered for an allocation from one of Tactical Asset Management's programs or affiliate programs
For partners of Tactical Asset Management, our innovative strategy serves as a testament to our commitment to finding and cultivating the world’s best programmers / developers / managers.
To apply for the Tactical Asset Management Hedge Fund Incubation Program, click here
The Curriculum:
Know What We Look For
In order for your model to qualify for an allocation from Tactical Asset Management or one of its affiliates, there are certain base attributes which every trading algorithm must possess:
  • An ability to identify prime entry and exit points
  • Sound Risk and Position Management practices
  • Minimal Draw-Downs / Consistent Profits over time
  • A trading approach that can profit when applied with extremely large order volume, where execution costs can be higher and where execution slippage may be more common
If a model submitted possesses the above attributes at a minimum, we then consider whether this strategy is Trend-Following, Counter-Trending, Short-Term, Medium Term or "Alternative."
System Traders
Today's market places a premium on consistently profitable trading systems and the talented developers who can create them. In particular, we seek systems bearing three of the most sought-after attributes:
  • the ability to be entirely automated with no need for manual intervention
  • the ability to successfully trade large volumes with minimal slippage
  • consistent profitability over time with minimal drawdowns and volatility
Discretionary Traders

UPDATE: December 1st, 2005: Effective Immediately, please be advised that neither Tactical Asset Management  nor any of its related entities will consider allocations for "Discretionary" Traders. All interest at our firm is now concentrated exclusively in 100% model driven, fully-automated algorithmic FX trading strategies. Please be advised before submitting your application to our Fund Manager Incubation Program.

To apply for the Tactical Asset Management Hedge Fund Incubation Program, click here
1. I'm making money already. Why should I participate in this program?
The opportunity to establish oneself as a recognized authority on model-driven trading as well as the ability to earn substantial remuneration are two of the biggest reasons why successful model-traders should consider taking advantage of this potentially lucrative opportunity. If your trading strategies successfully pass through the Tactical Asset Management program and receive and allocation, you may well easily find yourself managing upwards of $10,000,000 USD. The profit potential in such a scenario is attractive:
Consider the following example:
Consider a $10 million USD allocation; a conservative amount for a professional trader at a hedge fund.  A payout of up to 20% of the profits earned by trading your automated strategy is quite typical and standard.
Models or systems  that can earn 20% a year can earn $400,000 for the author / trader assuming an allocation of $10 million ($10 million * 20% annual return * 20% incentive fee). The higher the return the models generate, the greater the trader's profits. Moreover, models or algorithms with both high-returns and highly consistent returns will also most likely be rewarded with even larger accounts to manage, and hence stand to earn even more through performance and incentive fees.
Clearly, for those that earn it, it is quite feasible for talented programmers / system developers / model researchers to build considerable wealth through the Tactical Hedge Fund Incubation Program.
2. Why do I need to fund and trade a live account with my own capital first?
Tactical Asset Management requires that you fund and trade a live account with a Tactical recommended FX brokerage first so as to ensure the legitimacy of the track record submitted to us. Track records submitted from other brokerage firms/market makers may be subject to [intentional or] unintentional manipulation on the part of the trader and/or misleading execution policies of the participating broker. By submitting a trading record from an account with a large, legitimate and regulated FX brokerage we can be sure that the track record is authentic, auditable and that the statement accurately reflects the model's ability to generate real profits.
Complete the Contact Us form to be considered for the Tactical Asset Management Hedge Fund Incubation Program. Please note that traders will be required to have a minimum of six months experience with a Tactical Asset Management recommended FX brokerage account to be considered. If necessary, Tactical Asset Management can help set up FX trading accounts at the requisite brokerages.
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