Hedging Services

Tactical Asset Management, in conjuction with its sister company Fortera Capital LLC, provides customized hedging services for mid to large size international companies and other institutions. Our specialty is managing currency and foreign cash-flow risk.

Currency hedging is a useful and low cost method of managing the risk of unfavorable fluctuations in the exchange rates associated with importing/exporting between countries  as well as the exposure resulting from cross-border ownership or investments.

Our currency hedging services and strategies allow investors to protect international cash inflows/outflows or offshore assets from the impact of adverse currency movements. We offer a range of currency management strategies to suit different risk profiles. Our active risk management approach leverages our experience implementing value-adding strategies to use currency trading as an independent source of portfolio returns. Each hedging strategy and recommendation is tailored to your risk/return objectives.

To receive additional information about our Hedging Services, please either visit Fortera Capital LLC or contact a Client Services Representative by clicking here