Fastmatch – Leucadia's Institutional Savior

2018, March 12th

Interview with Retail FX Founders:  Josh Levy of Tactical

2017, Jan 10th

A Look at eFX 15 Years into the 21st Century

2015, January 2nd

Definitions, Market-Structure Dominate Debate at BST NA

2014, October 7th

FX Platforms To Consider Liquidity Enhancements

2013, August 15th

Taking High Frequency Trading to Task

2012, November 12th

Goldman Sachs comes late to the Game

2013, March 28th

Hi-Tech Trading Invades Emerging Market FX

2011, May 26th

Major Money Managers Dump Japanese Yen for Dollars

2011, March 30th

Global FX Division establishes FX Prime Broker

2010, Dec 6th

New CFTC Rules Fail to Curb Offshore FX Trading

2010, Sep 6th

CFTC Rules Increase Risk

2010, July  21st

Market Participants Oppose New Regulations

2010, April 2nd

Lack of Liquidity Spurs Innovation

2009, July 13th

Emerging Markets Back In Favour

2009, July 13th

FX Trading Will Not Get Cheaper

2009, April 13th

FX Year in Review

2009, Jan 5th

Fall of Lehman Brothers hurts Liquidity

2008, Sep 22nd

Execution Algorithms Revolution

2008, April

Institutional Buy Side Benefits from Retail FX Boost

2008, Feb 1

Retail Tries to Take on FX Algorithmic Trading

2008, Jan 28

FX Market Convergence - What it means

2008, Jan 28th

Markets converge with FX Algorithms

2008, Jan 9

e-FX helps Asset Managers solve complex problems

2007, November

Choppy Trading as FX Spreads Widen

2007, August 15th

Early Move to Daylight Savings raises Y-2K specter

2007, Mar 9th

A Major Brokerage Unwinds

2005, Oct 15th

US Equity Investors : The Dollars New Enemy?

2004, Dec 15th

Shifting Electronic Forex Trading into High Gear

2004, March

Dollar Declines Amid Weak Data On Consumers

2004, Jan 28th

Stocks Turn Lower Before Fed

2004, Jan 28th

Dollar Declines in Wake of US consumer Confidence Data

2004, Jan 27th

Dollar Sinks, Hits New 3-Year Low Vs. Yen

2004, Jan 27th

Investment, Sentiment data rally dollar

2004, Jan 16th

Dollar gains for third day, helped by investment data

2004, Jan 16th

Gun-Slinging Forex Traders: Meet Up at Online Venues

2004, January

Special Edition: The Secrets of the Master Traders

2003 September

Dollar Climbs vs. Yen, Ends Little Changed vs. Euro

2003, September 25th

Tech Talk: Which Way for the US Dollar?

2003 September

Dollar Closes Mixed but Little Change Against Rivals

2003, August 27th

Dollar Ends Lower Against Euro, Sterling

2003, July 21st

Internet wave hits FX Market

2000, June

Risky Business makes pitch for rich investors

2000, May 22nd

A New Refuge for Day Traders?

2000 April 27th

A True Exchange For Forex

2000, June

Looking for a Central FX System

2000, January

FX Market Profile

1999, November 22nd

New Web Service Tightens Squeeze

1999, October 18th

Do-It-Yourself Traders' Riskiest Purchase: Currency

1999, August 12th